Helping You During COVID-19

We’re offering free and discounted services to help support the real estate industry through COVID-19.

It’s times like these we need to come together and support one another. So whether you need free marketing advice, feedback on your sales funnel, or input on your messaging, we’re here to help.

Here at Marketing Ninjas, we’re continuing to watch as the COVID-19 situation unfolds and evolve our business practices as needed.

Like most people, you’re probably more concerned about the health and safety of your family and loved ones right now than you are about your marketing. 

However, if you are worried about how to market and sell your homes during this time of uncertainty, we want to help you relieve some of that stress.

We made the decision to set up our entire team to work remotely two and a half years ago. So for us, it’s business as usual.

This has allowed us to be able to respond quickly to the changing needs of our builder partners.

Common Challenges Builders Are Facing

  • Teams need to be set up to work remotely. Generally speaking, the building industry is slow to adapt to new digital tools and trends. Many of you are scrambling right now to get tools and new operating procedures in place with as little interruption to your work as possible.
  • Messaging needs to change so it’s in tune with the situation. Right now communication needs to be empathetic; the last thing you want is to come across as tone-deaf. However, you still need to market your homes and keep revenue flowing in order to survive this. How do you strike that balance?
  • Show home traffic is down. Most builders are doing showings virtually or by appointment only. This has created a need for new processes and a sudden shift to selling digitally – something many builders weren’t prepared for.
  • Website traffic is down. Many builders are seeing decreases in website traffic. It is more important now than ever before to be able to effectively capture leads for people who are still in the market to buy a home. (Remember: The situation isn’t affecting everyone the same way…)
  • Debating if you should put marketing campaigns on hold. Waiting to see what happens is how many builders are dealing with the situation.
Everyone is trying to understand what new home marketing and sales even looks like right now.

You’ve probably seen some marketing that’s blind to the situation, tone-deaf or done in poor taste. But hopefully, you’ve seen how some businesses are truly rising above the rest and showing their empathetic and human side, too.

How We’d Like To Help

Builders everywhere are having to change and adapt to the current situation. You might be in the middle of a transition to a new approach, or you might just need someone to help you figure out your next move. 

We can help you if you reach out to us. There are a number of ways to do that:

Right now, our entire team is all hands on deck. We’re scheduling FREE one-on-one consulting sessions to help you work through any challenges you’re dealing with and come up with a game plan for moving forward.

For Our Existing Clients

We implore you to lean on us.

Regardless if your need seems out of scope or not, or how much budget you have left in your retainer, we’re here to help you get through this – together. Let us share the workload so you can pivot quickly as needed to best handle the situation.

For the builder community as a whole…

We’re creating and curating the most useful content in an effort to be your #1 trusted source for how to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our goal is to be a valuable resource for you in this uncertain time and we’re beginning to produce specific content we know you will find valuable right now.

You will find our main COVID-19 resource page here. We’re adding to it daily so I encourage you to bookmark it and check back regularly.

You can also sign up for email notifications and we’ll let you know when we update it with new resources.

We want to support you as much as we can during this uncertain time. Check out our COVID-19 Resource page for links to useful content on how to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.


We’re Here When You Need Us

As we keep an eye on the builder community, we’re inspired by how so many of you are handling this situation.

Some of you have a plan and are executing swiftly. Others are focused on adjusting their approach and getting teams set up for remote work and digital selling. And some have slowed their pace and are taking time to ensure that their staff and their families are safe and healthy.

Whatever your situation, we’re here for you.

We have a strong culture of service and we do business with heart. When you’re ready, we’d love to show you what that means.

Stay safe and let us know how we can help.

Trusted By Home Builders Across North America

Over the last decade we've helped home builders of all sizes grow their business. From small family-owned businesses to Top 100 Builders, we're proud to be part of their success. How can we help you grow?

Over the last decade we've helped home builders of all sizes grow their business. From small family-owned businesses to Top 100 Builders, we're proud to be part of their success. How can we help you grow?

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