About Marketing Ninjas

Who We Are

Marketing Ninjas is not your typical full-service digital marketing agency. We’re not generalists. We don't profess to be a one-stop shop for anything related to marketing. We’re a strategic inbound marketing agency that provides a very specialized marketing service. We excel at developing marketing systems that are goal-oriented, quantifiable, prospect-focused and ROI-driven.

What We Do

Without a solid strategy and marketing plan in place, the chance that your marketing program will deliver the results you need to hit your business goals is highly unlikely. Very rarely does a single marketing tactic produce strong results. Effective marketing requires careful planning, research and a step-by-step approach to be successful.

We begin by getting to know your business and your key personnel. We learn about your current sales and marketing processes, who your ideal prospect or customer is, and what differentiates you from your competition.

We discuss your business goals and determine how we can effectively measure progress towards them. Then we create a killer marketing strategy that integrates proven marketing tactics that are trackable and measurable.

It’s a strategic approach, designed for results and a positive return on your marketing investment.

Learn more about our process here.

Why We Do It

Anybody can tell you what keywords to focus on, content to produce or social media messages to publish. But if you don’t have the right strategy in place, if the tactics you’re using aren’t working together to amplify that strategy, then you aren’t going to produce the results you expect.

Without an integrated approach and the proper tools to measure your effectiveness you won’t produce a steady stream of high quality leads. You’ll continue to blend in with the competition and fail to stand out as the obvious leader in your market.

We prevent that.