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Increase your Website Visitors and Become a Thought Leader

Are you looking to start business blogging? Or do you need someone to write high-quality blog posts that will attract your ideal customer?

Our Content Marketing Blueprint is a great way to get started. Beginning with a discovery call we interview your marketing team to really get to know your ideal customer. We find out what their triggers are, what needs they have and how you solve their problems. Then we understand your sales process and create a Content Marketing Strategy that is designed to naturally walk your prospect through it.

You get a complete content outline including: 24 blog posts, 3 premium content offers used for lead generation, and two 3-step email sequences designed to answer common sales questions and overcome push backs.

Our Content Marketing Package includes the Content Marketing Blueprint above PLUS we’ll write all of the blog posts, ebooks, and emails for you. You receive the strategy and your first blog posts within 30 days. The rest of the blog posts and content are delivered in the remaining 60 days.


  • Content Marketing Blueprint + 3 premium content offers - $997/month
  • Content Marketing Package (includes Blueprint and 90-days of written content) - $2,097/month
  • Content Marketing Blueprint only - $2,497
  • If you already have the Blogging Package or a Strategic Marketing Blueprint then reduce the monthly cost by $500

Minimum Term:

  • 4 months

Get Started: