YouTube Training

Learn How To Use YouTube

Did you think that YouTube was only a video website? Well, you’re not alone!

Lots of people don’t realize that YouTube is also a thriving social networking website too! And the best part is that the more actively you participate in the social aspect of YouTube, the better the videos you upload will rank.

By the end of this hands-on workshop, you’ll have created your very own YouTube channel, you’ll be comfortable with uploading videos, and you’ll understand how to network and meet other people.

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Here's what you'll learn:

  • Signing up and creating a YouTube account
  • Getting familiar with the site structure, functions and account settings
  • Watching, searching, organizing and sharing videos
  • Uploading videos
  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • And much, much more...

You're Protected By Our 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Attend the entire course. Once you’re finished if you feel that you didn’t receive the value you were expecting we will refund all of your money or arrange for you to take the entire workshop again at no additional cost. There’s absolutely no risk to you. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. That’s our guarantee to you.

Workshops are Limited to 20 Participants

We limit the workshop numbers in order to provide the best possible learning environment. You'll enjoy the interactive setting where you can openly ask questions about how the concepts we’re teaching directly apply to your situation. We want to make sure you get the assistance, support and help you need. Having smaller class sizes and an open environment like this makes that possible.

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The Twitter training course is held at the University of Alberta Technology Training Centre located in the basement of the Cameron Library. View on Google Maps

Upcoming Dates

  • Edmonton, AB - Coming soon! TBA

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See what past participants are saying...

Prior to taking the Marketing Ninjas Social Media Live Workshops, I had never used Social Media before and I did not believe in using it. Jeff Schneider has shown me the relevance of using social media for marketing and relationship building. At first, I did not understand what all the fuss was about in using Social Media. Since taking the workshop, I realize the power and the importance of Social Media Marketing. Marketing in this manner has the potential to reach more people than ever before. This is the way that people will find your business and how communication will occur between you and your potential client base from today and into the future. I recommend taking this workshop to learn an excellent way to leverage your business and it will help you to build relationships with your current and potential customers.

Marcella Kolody, Edmonton, AB

Overall I thought the course was exceptional and Jeff was relaxed and informative as an instructor. Before I took Jeff’s workshop I was not using Facebook or Twitter to its potential. I wasn’t linking sites properly or efficiently, I wasn’t keeping track of my interactions on my sites – definitely not communicating effectively but now that I’ve completed his workshop I feel much more confident and am tracking my “success”! The biggest benefit for my business is monitoring all my sites efficiently and being able to link them all together properly. The knowledge I’ve gained is worth a lot of money to the bottom-line of my business because communication is key for me and now I feel confident that I can continue to learn through what Jeff taught in the class. The biggest thing I took away from this class was the ability to link all my sites together – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and mY blog – very cool! To anyone considering taking Jeff’s workshop I would say it is TOTALLY worth the money if you want to be socially active. I highly recommend it!

Kathryn Kern, Interior Stylist, Your Room, Your Space, 780-445-3400

I thought Jeff’s course was great! I got a lot of ideas and I learned new tools for both my work and personal life. Jeff was very approachable and he knows a lot. He is relaxed and personal; as social media should be. Before I took this workshop I had a very basic knowledge of social media tools for business purposes – enough to work with but I had no idea they had so much potential and that they could integrate so well! Now I feel that I can do so much more and integrate many of the tools under the same strategies. Social media will be one of my favourite tools at work now. I think I feel energized to do much more. I feel confident to have a social media strategy and plan and to be able to measure the results. I had an “oh-oh” moment in this class, and realized I had better catch up, learn and apply all of the information. I would tell anyone who was thinking about doing this class to go for it. In these times you can’t afford not to know all of this info.

Andrea Saber, Communications Associate, University of Alberta, 780-492-0647

I thought Jeff’s course was very worthwhile and very valuable for my career. As the instructor Jeff was approachable with a sense of humour, knowledgeable and generous with information. I had a basic knowledge of social media channels for personal use but now I feel more confident in using my past communications/marketing skills to incorporate social media. Now, I feel we’ll be able to engage a new generation of technologists and retain and grow our membership. I didn’t understand the value of Twitter for business until Jeff explained the similarities between Twitter and live interactions and how to utilize that. My recommendation? Definitely take this course! Something will be of value because there is a lot of information and take-away value.

Judith Chrystal, Communications Coordinator, Association of Science & Engineering Professionals of Alberta, 780-425-0626

I felt Jeff’s workshop was excellent with very up-to-date material. Jeff understands and is very familiar with all the different networks. He knows how best to take advantage of each one effectively. Before I took this course I didn’t know much about social media at all and now I’m familiar with the different networks and how to use them from a marketing perspective. After taking this course I understand how we can set up social media marketing for the future and I learned how YouTube can be used as a social marketing tool. For anyone who wants to enrol in Jeff’s workshop – it’s very worthwhile and worth your time if social media marketing is something you’re considering, or if it’s something you may be unsure about using.

Jim Laverty, Manager of the Vehicle Pool, University of Alberta

Jeff’s workshop is very informative and it gave me a good understanding of social media and the proper way to use the tools. Jeff is very knowledgeable with all the various social media platforms. I had a fair understanding of Facebook before I took this course, but no knowledge of the rest of the social media platforms. Now I’m very comfortable using social media for either personal or professional use. I took this course for my own knowledge and any future career I may have but learning about HootSuite was a big bonus. It’s very intuitive. This course explains the importance of being involved with social media for any company. It’s the way of the future and everyone should have a solid understanding of this. Jeff’s workshop does that.

Joline Lemke, Project & Traffic Coordinator for Marketing and Communications, University of Alberta

Overall I thought Jeff’s workshop was excellent, I learned far more than I thought I would! Jeff was very generous with his information. I thought I was competent but in the course of his classes my klout went from 10 to 44. I feel I’m able to launch a social media marketing campaign for my own business. A huge benefit for my business is going to be switching from outbound marketing to inbound marketing. I learned how to put social media together into a clear marketing strategy. Jeff’s workshop was well worth every penny.

Karen McIntyre, Executive Administrator, My HR Pro

This workshop was very informative and helpful. It provided me with knowledge, data and tools to use social media effectively. Jeff was a very good instructor – knowledgeable, easy to listen to and engaging. I was a social media neophyte – I was on social media platforms but not effectively. I used my personal profile to promote my business but now I’m much more empowered to tackle various social media avenues much more effectively.The knowledge on how to strategically plan how to communicate my message to current followers and attracting new followers will be the biggest benefit to my business, and learning how to connect all the networks together was amazing. Knowledge is power and this guy has knowledge you can use!

Matt Gutsch, Communications and Broadcast Coordinator, University of Alberta Atheltics, 780-492-7214

Jeff’s course was fabulous! Jeff is a terrific instructor. He is smart, easy to understand and I appreciate his perspective – from a marketing standpoint rather than a technical one. I was pretty good with Facebook and set up on everything else but not comfortable using it or comfortable with it. After completing Jeff’s workshop I feel inspired and challenged to use social media to grow my business, but also to stay in business – it’s the future of marketing! Getting the “how-to’s” and why’s for social media marketing will really benefit my business. Now I get Twitter. I may not like it, but I get it. The knowledge I gained from the Marketing Ninjas Social Media workshop is priceless. I know that the world has changed dramatically since Facebook. It’s just getting more and more tied in with social media. As a Realtor I feel that seven years from now, without a social media presence I will not have a job. I need to do it now for the future.The concept of un-marketing and relationship building online was the biggest “ah-ha” I received from Jeff’s course. To anyone thinking about taking Jeff’s course – do it. Unless you are my competition, then don’t and in a few years you’ll be out of business and I can have all of your clients and would-be clients. Social media will be so ingrained in our thinking that without a presence no one will know you exist.

Heather Faulkner, Realtor, Realty Executives - North Star, 780-710-7232

Jeff is very knowledgeable in his subject matter which made his instruction easy to follow, the course was pretty educational and opened my eyes to new networks and their capabilities. I only used social media for personal use, very little to do with business before I took the workshops but now I feel like I can use the different social media outlets for my business more effectively.The biggest “take-away” I got from Jeff’s workshop was how to use HootSuite and knowing when and how to communicate to my followers on our social media outlets. I would tell anyone to take this course unless they were 100% comfortable with using social media.

Peter Li, Owner, Crossfit Lazarus

The social media course Jeff teaches is excellent. It covered most of the areas we were looking for help with in regards to our business. His instruction was informative and easy to listen to. He was always willing to answer questions and humourous at times too. I wasn’t using social media before Jeff’s class – I didn’t even have a personal Facebook account but now I’m very comfortable with it and find it very user-friendly. I can use Facebook or Twitter to generate more traffic to our business website, which is extremely helpful. The next generation does everything on social media – it is the way of the future for personal or business relationships. Take this workshop because you really have no idea how much you don’t know until you’re in the middle of all that is available.

Connie Marchnuk, Executive Assistant, Integra Tire & Auto Centre, 780-435-4641

This social media workshop is packed with information. Jeff is quite knowledgeable and my knowledge somewhat limited in some areas, very limited in others. Now that I’ve taken Jeff’s course I feel like I have a better understanding of how different media can be used and how to actually use them together. I have a better grasp of the technology; there is a whole world out there waiting to be focussed for those who feel they want to explore this area. To those wondering on whether or not to take Jeff’s course, I’d say take it. Decide afterwards how much or little you want to implement after everything you will learn.

Dave Schroder, Realtor, Realty Executives Polaris, 780-718-8727

10 out of 10! Absolutely packed with information and the ‘hands-on’ learning was really beneficial. Jeff is an amazing instructor. He was very patient and gave a lot of one-on-one time wherever it was needed. I didn’t use or understand social media before. I had set up a couple of accounts but never forged forward and I now feel as though I have a better understanding of how I can effectively use social media in my business. Seeing all the possibilities is worth thousands of dollars to the bottom-line of my business. Anyone looking for a great way to learn about social media should take Jeff’s workshop. You will not find a better instructor to take you through the world of social media.

Shirl Smith, Real Estate Sales & Appraisals, 780-993-3342

Jeff was a true ninja! His course was excellent. He gave just enough info to inspire the more ambitious students to really dig in and the less experienced students to gain a good grasp of the fundamentals. I was an intermediate social media user but now I feel empowered – ninjafied! I’m looking to establish myself and start a new career so I took Jeff’s course to help with self promotion. The value-added material Jeff provided was very generous. To anyone considering taking Jeff’s course I would say do it!

Regan Hook, Communications (PR/Marketing), 780-716-4790

The Marketing Ninjas Social Media Workshop was very informative and JEff was very thorough and knowledgeable. I used Facebook personally and been introduced to LinkedIn but never used any of it. After taking Jeff’s course I feel competent enough to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to its full potential and have the knowledge to use and write blogs. The tricks Jeff taught us to make social media more efficient and effective will be a huge benefit, along with HootSuite! The knowledge and experience you take away from the course is exceptional. You will gain confidence in using social media as well as becoming efficient with it.

Raeann Lefebvre, Mortgage Broker, Keystone Mortgage Corporation, 780-914-2620

I found all aspects of Jeff’s workshop very beneficial, it was really good. Jeff was extremely patient and thorough. I have more confident using all social media to grow my business whereas before I was fairly knowledgeable with Facebook (both personally and professionally) but not with any other networks. I didn’t realize how Twitter and LinkedIn would benefit business and now I’ll be able to use social media to expand to many more new prospects. This course is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and your business. Jeff is an awesome teacher!

Christine Lavoie, Executive Assistant, Capital Vision Care

I had a basic knowledge of social media but didn’t know how to implement for my business before taking Jeff’s course. Now I’m confident I can take it to the next level. In fact, by using the techniques that Jeff taught me I was able to rent a vacant office at my business in less than one hour! Jeff’s social media workshop is an excellent value – it was great fun and exceptionally informative and Jeff himself was energetic, helpful and extremely knowledgeable.The added exposure is such a major benefit. We are constantly adding contacts and building relationships. In my industry referrals and relationships are key and this course has opened up new channels for us.The knowledge of how vast social media is has shown me I need to step up and use these new avenues. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn and gain from Jeff. Give his workshop a shot!

Dan Wildeboer, President, Draw Designs Ltd., 780-490-0234